Who we are

Our engineering team with a vast experience in hydrometallurgy, jointly with our customers, comes up with practical and innovative solutions to add value to heap leaching operations.

Designing and implementing substantial improvements in irrigation, air injection, thermal lining, drainage systems, and control & automation projects in hydrometallurgical processes at several mining operations is a testament to and the cornerstone of our success.

Change and innovation have been our hallmark since 1996 under the name Servicios Asociados A.M. some of our breakthroughs have become industry standards in leaching, such as:

  • Increasing temperature, reducing water loss due to evaporation and preventing dripper sulfation by using our FilmTherm2®.
  • Reducing dripper plugging by flushing debris accumulated inside irrigation lines.
  • Reducing costs of air injection by replacing expensive high pressure pipes with corrugated pipe with a smooth inner lining.

We have driven the development and improvement of a number of management support tools for our customers, such as:

  • Smart automated control in irrigation management using Leachtrol®, an industrial automation tool that ensures the irrigation schedule will be met while minimizing operator exposure to risk.
  • Compensated air injection system with an Anti-Clogging Belt (patented) and perforations varying in diameter.
  • Improved thermal performance, support system and installation of FilmTherm2+padding.
  • Doing away with ponding and maximizing equal application of solution across the heap by way of localized irrigation with punched drippers.
  • Sub-surface irrigation applied to both slopes and tops for treating heaps with high fines content.

The company Industria de Plásticos Andes Drip is our subsidiary which manufactures most of the pieces and parts for the systems we supply. Altogether with Atacama Bio Natural Products S.A. we comprise a group of related companies whose main objective is to create value for our country, workers and shareholders through the development of knowledge.